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What's new? 2006 Dec 06 = Right now I'm doing some major overhauls; much of website is down during this process...

Hi! I'm Craig Kollai, and I own and run the domain. I also host e-mail addresses for a number of family members and relatives, so if you are trying to e-mail someone else, that e-mail address probably is correct! However, to help reduce spam I'm not listing any addresses here.

I also do computer consulting under my "Kollai-Comp" name, so you may be sending e-mails to this domain on behalf of one of my clients, such as AuF Drug Testing. Again, this isn't their website, but you are in the right place!

Right now the only sub-pages I have online are for my theater work, which I do under:
Kollai-Light LogoKollai-Light

OK, that's probably enough for now. I'll be getting back to things here, well, eventually. I'm not going to lie and say soon, but I'll try not to make it TOO long! ;-).
Take care, -Craig

Bob, the current Ch. 1 Net callup list can be found HERE