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Virtual Light Board (VLB)
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YES, you CAN get a 512 channel DMX light board for $60 or less!!!

The Kollai-Light Virtual Light Board series are software based light boards designed to run under Windows that give you control of a full DMX universe using the incredably affordable "Open DMX USB" module from ENTTEC as the hardware interface. VLB LT (Lite version) is a manual-preset only type lightboard and is freeware, and the "full" version is a full featured lightboard with dual faders (main and effects) and a virtually unlimmited cue memory. Both programs are availalbe free to the public, although a donation (via PayPal) would be GREATLY appreached by the author should you find wither program useful!!!

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For more information on Kollai-Light lighting work, please click HERE.
For additional information on the ENTTEC "Open DMX USB" hardware required for Kollai-Light VLB, please click HERE.

Last Modified August 15, 2004.

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